Boiler Servicing & Gas Safety Inspections

Statutory Requirements:

Gas Safe recommend that all gas burning appliances are serviced annually.

Landlords are required by law to have all gas appliances checked annually and a Gas Safety Certificate issued.

All persons working on Gas appliances or pipes, fittings and components designed to carry gas or combustion products are required to be Gas Safe Registered.

A typical Boiler Service should include the following:

Combustion Analysis.

Detailed Visual inspection.

Gas Burner Pressure Check.

Cleaning of Condensate Trap.

Cleaning of Filters, eg. Fernox TF1, Magnaclean, Spirotrap.

Flue Testing & Checks.

Ventilation Checks.

Flame Failure Device Testing.

Gas Valve Testing.

Flame Picture assessment.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning if required.

Replacement of worn or obsolete seals.


    Gas Safety Inspection

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