Commercial Catering Gas Services

"Environmental health officers closed kitchens at restaurants, hotels and cafes after finding gas leaks or unsafe gas appliances during a four-month campaign." - North Hampshire.

British Standards and The HSE

All new installations should conform to BS 6173: 2001. This standard specifies the installation requirements for new and second-hand,
gas-fired appliances including ventilation requirements.

If you have a Commercial Kitchen you may need to have a Gas Interlock or gas proving system fitted.
This is an automatic means of interupting appliance gas supplies should mechanical ventillation fail or prove inadequate.

Please follow this link to the HSEs website to see the requirements for Mechanical ventillation in Commercial kitchens -

Gas Safety Certification

This is an annual legal requirement if you are a Landlord. You may also require Gas Safety Certificates to satisfy Insurance Companies, The HSE or other inspectors.

Commercial Gas Cooking Appliances

We install all types of Gas fired cooking appliances, both LPG and natural gas. We can supply appliances or you can supply and we will fit.

Water Heaters

There are essentially two options available, Instantaneous heaters or unvented hot water cylinders. The heater can be fitted within your premises or sited externally to save space.


If you are looking for a new kitchen, an upgrade or just a simple repair we can help.



Commercial Gas Catering