Andover Gas Engineers Ltd

Harestock Lodge Hotel - Winchester

Replacement of 2x Keston Sytem Boilers with 2x Vaillant Ecotec 65 kW System Boilers.

Before...   Dead Kestons    After...      Vaillant Ecotec 65kW


Donaldson Timber Engineering Ltd (Andover)
Conversion of Floor standing, cast iron, open flued, open vent boiler to unvented, condensing, wall hung, system boiler.
Estimated Gas Bill reduction 30-50%.




Sesanti Ltd (Andover)
Replacement of 2x Keston Commercial Boilers with 2x Worcester Bosch GB162 80kW System Boilers with Vertical Flues (5 Year Warranty).

worcesterboschverticalfluescommercialboilerinstallationbuderus pump groupGB162 80kW System Boilers


Adelaide Medical Centre (Andover)
Replacement of 2x Hanworthy Floor standing, Cast Iron, Open Flued, Open Vented boilers,
with 2 x wall hung Vaillant Ecotec 65kW Condensing boilers with 5 Year Warranty. Expected gas bill reduction between 30 and 50%.

Vaillant Ecotec 65kWRM Stelflow 210 litre unvented cylindercommercial heating controls low loss headervaillant ecotec commercial boilers


Belgrave Harriers (Wimbledon, London)
Replacement of Andrews Open Vent Water Heater and Calorifier with Vailant Ecotec Plus 37kW condensing system boiler and 2x RM Stelflow 210 litre unvented hot water cylinders.
The Harriers are a running club and provide an open fitness gym facility and therefore required heating on a two zone system with weather compensation controls for added efficiency.
Hot Water requirements for male and female showers, hand washing and a kitchen. Anticipated Gas Bill Reduction - 50%.

Before..   old andrews water heaterold heating controlsold calorifier

After.. RM Stelflow unvented hot waterVaillant VRC 430FVaillant Ecotec plus 837


Portafix Ltd (Andover)

Replacement of Potterton Kingfisher, floor standing, non condensing open vent Boiler, Hotwater cylinder & Cisterns
with Vaillant Ecotec Pro 28kW Condensing Combi Boiler with 7 Year Warranty


Before..  Unsafe Boiler   After..  Vaillant Ecotec Pro 28