Commercial Boiler Plant Rooms

Often wall hung condensing boilers can be installed in a cascade arrangement to optimise plant room space. This provides a highly effective and extremely
efficient heating system. Added efficiency and comfort is provided when weather compensation controls and sensors are installed. They are configured to automatically optimise heat and hot water supply according to the demands on
the system at any particular time. Traditional floor standing boilers are also available.

Office Heating

Heating of office spaces can usually be achieved by installing a domestic boiler or a smaller commercial boiler cascaded as a multiple bank of boilers
depending on space to be heated.
Conventional radiators provide the most efficient and comfortable heat. Low Surface Temperature heat emmiters are sometimes required in public areas.

Residential Care Homes

A similar arrangement to offcie plant rooms is usually required. Low Surface Temperature Radiators being mandatory.

Hospitals, Medical Centres & Surgeries

As for Residential Care Homes.

Commercial Gas Services

We provide commissioning & de-commissioning certificates (Purging to Gas & Purging to Air).
All pipe diameters, commercial and industrial.
Industry standard certification.

Health & Safety

All contracts covered by individual risk assessments and method statements if required.